Poor as Paupers, proud as Kings, all we do is aim for better things

"There is not much difference between music and magic" - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Welcome to the my journal!

I am :
a teenager living in a small suburban town in South-East London
a 100%, completely unashamed fangirl
a musician
a singer
an actress
an extremely bad fic writer
a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Newton Faulkner, Neil Patrick-Harris, Parminder Nagra, Daniel Boys, Milo Ventimiglia, Michelle Branch, Thomas Newman, Randy Newman, Hans Zimmer, Johnny Dep, and various others
obsessed with INCEPTION, Glee, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Spooks, Harry Potter, RENT, Spring Awakening, Avenue Q, Hair, Heroes, and quite a lot of other things too, which you will learn about if you friend me!

My journal is semi-public - personal posts are locked, but I do post the occasional crappy fanfic. Message me if you want to add me! I love meeting all kinds of different people, whether we share interests or not.

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